Intel Shows Optane SSD writing at 2GB per second

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Over at IDF in China a prototype of an Optane SSD from Intel has been showing some staggering numbers. The SSD is based on 3D XPoint storage technology and while copying a 25GB file it did so at 2 GB/s, less than 15 seconds.

While current nVME technology already can achieve the similar results it remains impressive none the less as this is early technology and thus just a starting point for what's to come. Intel also talks about 15TB SSDs thanks to stacked technology.

3D XPoint (3D Crosspoint)  technology was announced back in 2015 with the story it could be up-to a 1000x faster than conventional NAND memory. 

It looks like that the first SSDs based on this tech will be released this year already. Intel clearly mentioned that the SSD shown was an early engineering sample prototype unit. For the test setup Intel used two similar PCs with with different SSDs. The left one used traditional NAND flash memory (doh!) and the right one the Optane SSD. Both units have been connected with Thunderbolt 3.

During the transfer the NAND SSD showed a write perf of roughly 280 MB/sec (indicative for Toggle TLC NAND), the transfer for the Optane SSD to the right was roughly 1,95GB/s in a very constant flow. You can watch the IDF presentation here in this stream. The storage segment starts at roughly 49 minutes, the demo starts at 54 minutes.

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