Intel Set to Unveil Core "Raptor Lake Refresh" Series in Late 2023

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Intel is preparing to enhance its desktop processor range by introducing the Core "Raptor Lake Refresh" series in the latter half of 2023.

Contrary to earlier speculations that the chips might fall under the 14th Gen Core series, recent leaks suggest that these processors will remain within the 13th Gen Core family. The forthcoming refresh is anticipated to follow a similar pattern to the "Haswell Refresh" and "Devil's Canyon" processors, which were launched within the 4th Gen Core lineup due to setbacks in the initiation of its 14nm node.

An updated OpenVPL hardware support chart identifies MTL/Meteor Lake as the "Future: 14th Generation Intel Core" series, indicating that the 14th Gen series will not include the Raptor Lake Refresh unless a rebranding occurs later. The naming convention for Intel's next consumer desktop Core series is expected to resemble that of the mobile series, potentially featuring a Core i9-13950K SKU or something akin to it.

The Raptor Lake-S Refresh targeting desktops is slated for a third-quarter 2023 release, with no immediate plans for a mobile series. The current 700-series platform will stay unaltered, providing Intel with two generations and one refresh for its existing LGA1700 platform. The upcoming refresh is predicted to incorporate enhancements to clock speeds and could showcase advancements in die-thinning, die-binning, and process-level power improvements that enable higher clock speeds. These processors will be constructed within the existing Socket LGA1700 package and will be compatible with Intel's 600-series and 700-series chipset motherboards, necessitating a UEFI firmware update.

Intel Set to Unveil Core "Raptor Lake Refresh" Series in Late 2023

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