Intel Rocket Lake Processor Spotted Running 5 GHz (Geekbench)

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We've seen, heard and talked about the next-gen Intel Core Desktop processors developed under codename Rocket Lake for a while now. What we don't know is how fast they'll clock. Certainly, we expect frequencies in the Comet Lake (current-gen procs), and as it turns out that's the truth.,

A Rocket Lake proc was spotted in Geekbench, and it revealed some system statistics, including that clock frequency. previous ES samples all clocked around 4.1 - 4.3 GHz maximum, this new benchmark shows a maximum frequency of 5 GHz. That means the 11th gen procs clock roughly the same as the current 14 nm products.

Rocket Lake will use Cypress Cove cores, based on Willow Cove architecture used in the Tiger Lake mobile chips. A new architecture, combined with high boost clocks do indicate an increase in IPC. Rocket Lake is expected to launch in late 2020, or early 2021. Rocket lake will also introduce PCI-EXpress Gen 4.0 towards the platform.

Intel Rocket Lake Processor Spotted Running 5 GHz (Geekbench)

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