Intel roadmap shows Haswell-E, Haswell Refresh and Skylake

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Check out this desktop platform roadmap slide from Intel that reveals Intel is planning to launch the Haswell Refresh Platform (aka Broadwell) around mid-2014, with Haswell-E (Lituya Bay) following in late 2014 and the 14nm Skylake platform around Q2 2015. Haswell-E and Skylake will reportedly support DDR4 memory, Haswell-E is rumored to continue using LGA2011 but Skylake will likely will use a new socket.

Nothing much more we can add though, have a look at the photo that was taken. Thanks go out to Chinese VR-zone for this one.

Here's a (nasty) google translation of the content:

Looking forward to the the DDR4 arrival, the fastest consumer market may have to wait until Haswell-E.

Earlier, clearly pointed out that the and Broadwell will support SATA 3.2 version SATA Express chip, code-named Z97 and H97, this time we want to inform you the fastest Intel plans to import in Haswell-E DDR4 memory specification.
San Francisco IDF in 2012, including SK Hynix and Micron memory particles plant in the presentation pointed out that in 2014, the fastest will start the import DDR4 memory, this year's CES, Crucial for the first time to show DDR4 memory modules, but generally speculated that the server-side than the earlier import of consumer goods.
Recent information released by the upstream plant, Intel will begin in Haswell-E import DDR4 memory specification.
Haswell-E will replace Ivy Bridge-E generation, and the current rumors Skip outflow Intel Ivy Bridge-E seems unlikely to happen, at least be able to tell from the various partners in the hands of the sample has been sent.
You do not need to look forward to the early arrival of Haswell-E. According to the information in our hands, Haswell-E fastest will be launched at the end of 2014, it also means that Ivy Bridge-E is only one year of life, as to whether longevity as Sandy Bridge-E, it seems more difficult.

On the other hand, Haswell life seems to trifle generous. As for the 14nm Skylake of table is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2015, this processor will also support DDR4 memory.
Based on current information, Haswell-E will continue LGA 2011, but the chip will replace the Lituya Bay.

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