Intel reverses EOL Pentium G3420 and starts selling 2013 22nm processors again

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We all know that Intel has huge capacity issues on the 14nm node. Guess what? The manufacturer now tries an unusual approach as Intel announced the return of the Pentium G3420. That is Haswell, from 2013, and guess what it is still produced in an old 22-nm process.

Production was discontinued years ago as the processor literally has an EOl status, but with this 'bypass' intel can fill up the low-cost segment for procs in the sub 100 USD/EUR range.

The G3420 is a dual-core processor without hyperthreading running 3.2 GHz on an outdated architecture, the Pentium G3420 is slower than the current Celeron G4920, the differences should be manageable though. The costs are 45 euros, which should actually be the price of a Pentium. But the G5400, for example, is currently at almost 60 euros due to the 14-nm shortage.

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