Intel "Ivy Bridge" Core i3 Processors ship 24th June

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Intel Corp reiterated Thursday that the entry-level model of its new Ivy Bridge processors will begin shipping as soon as this month, following media reports that the products are scheduled for delivery in August.

"The Intel 3rd-generation Core i3 processor will be available after June 24," Intel's Taiwan branch said in a statement.

The company also reiterated its earlier announcement made a year ago at Computex 2011 that it planned to shift 40 percent of the consumer notebook market to Ultrabooks by the end of 2012, saying that this goal has not changed.

The clarification came a day after local media reports said that the shipping date of the faster Intel Core i5 and i7 processors had been delayed from May to June 3, while the entry-level Core i3 processors are scheduled for delivery in August.

Taiwan's Acer Inc. said it has revised its forecast for the penetration rate of the company's Ultrabooks because of the one-month delay in the Core i5 and i7 processors, while the global economic prospects remain gloomy, according to the reports.

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