Intel processors: Comet Lake and Elkhart Lake in 2020 (roadmap)

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Intel's future architecture for the Core Series Comet Lake, and Atom's range of products, Elkhart Lake, will be released by the end of the year. A roadmap of a manufacturer focused on embedded products mentions the first and second quarters of the coming year 2020.

The successor to Coffee Lake Refresh will probably bring a maximum of 10 cores to the desktop at 14 nm. A roadmap from Mitac (embedded systems manufacturer) shows Comet Lake - the successor to Coffee Lake-R - is expected in Q2 2020, that's the second quarter of next year. This is in line with rumors that passed earlier. Comet Lake will still be a generation that is fabbed at 14 nm. Rumors suggest that the top model for the desktop will be a chip with ten cores and twenty threads.

The roadmap also mentions Elkhart Lake on the slide. This is the successor to Gemini Lake (Atom procs) and should appear on the market in the first quarter of 2020. They are ultra low power socs that are based on Ice Lake and will also be manufactured at 10 nm. In addition, these chips would get the Gen11 graphics.

This year more Coffee Lake refresh CPUs will be released this month, in April. The new R0 stepping , which Intel currently launches for Coffee Lake Refresh , could already be the basis for Comet Lake, (since they continue to use the same 14-nm production). Various steppings are used and mix some predecessors with successors under almost the same name, Intel also offers CPUs in the same series even with thermal grease and alternatively with soldered heatspreader.

Intel processors: Comet Lake and Elkhart Lake in 2020 (roadmap)

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