Intel Processor Roadmap for 2014 hits the web

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Two slides from Intel have appeared on the web today, Vr-Zone listed the processor plans for the remainder of the year. The first slide is a generic roadmap that shows what Intel has in store for its major product lines, it reveals the desktop platform will see the Haswell Refresh platform later this quarter while the Haswell-E should follow in Q3 2014. 

The mobile lineup will see the most activity, and the server market will see new chips in each of the following two quarters.


Intel kicks off its new releases for 2014 with the introduction of the Xeon E7-8800/4800/2800 v2 and Xeon E5-4600 v2 series processors. The Xeon E7 line with launch under the Ivy Bridge-EX brand, while the Xeon E5 chips will launch under the Ivy Bridge EP4S brand.

When Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona next week, Intel will be launching two processors for tablets and smartphones under its Merrifield brand which uses the Silvermont architecture. One of these chips will be geared towards Android Tablets, while the other is a 64-bit variant of Bay Trail-T.

A month later, in March, Intel will roll out a refresh of its Bay Trail-M processor.

April will bring Intel’s Haswell refresh for desktop and notebooks, and the launch of Intel’s Quark X1000 SoC followed by the launch of Intel’s series-9 motherboards in May. Then, in August, Intel will launch an update to its desktop Haswell line that will use X99 chipset and will support DDR4 memory.

In September, at Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel will launch updates to its Moorefield line of its Atom processor which runs on the Silvermont architecture and also updates to its Haswell E-series line. Moorefield uses the 22nm process node, and includes a TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA modem unlike the Merrifield SoC. Intel will introduce Haswell-EP E5-2600 v3 and E5-1600 v3, which will replace the existing E5-2600 v2 and E5-1600 v2. A launch date for this is not confirmed, but it will most likely be in September at IDF.

To close the year Intel will launch the Airmont architecture using the 14nm process node. The first product on this will be a Cherry Trail SoC.

All of these dates are ultimately subject to change, but since they are based on an official roadmap from Intel they are as close as it comes to being set in stone.

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Intel Processor Roadmap for 2014 hits the web

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