Intel preps fastest six-core Xeon X5690 Processor

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Our colleagues over at TPU report that Intel is prepping a new six-core Xeon processor. The X5690 will be a is a dual-socket ready (series 5000) LGA1366 processor based on the 32 nm Westmere-EP silicon.

The processor will come at a sweet clock frequency of 3.46 GHz (26.0 x 133 MHz) and can Turbo to 3.60 GHz (27.0 x 133 MHz).

Other stuff remains standard, thus the QuickPath Interconnect speed is 6.4 GT/s, it supports triple-channel registered DDR3 memory with its integrated memory controller. Cache levels include 256 KB L2 cache per core, and 12 MB shared L3 cache.

A quick overclocking feat by Fitseries3 on the EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard yielded a speed of 5 GHz making use of the high BClk multiplier. The chip is likely to carry a rated TDP of 130W. Intel may release this processor in the next quarter, either displacing the X5680 from its US $1,730 price point, or occupying a higher one.

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