Intel Phases Out Gen 9 Skylake Graphics Architecture, Continues Support for Gen 9.5

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Intel Graphics has declared the discontinuation of its Gen 9 graphics architecture, the foundation for the integrated graphics processing units (iGPU) present in Intel's 6th Gen Core processors. 

However, this decision does not impact the ongoing support for the Gen 9.5 architecture, which underpins the 7th through 10th Gen processors. The Gen 9 iGPU, featuring up to 24 execution units, offered fundamental display capabilities, fulfilled Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 WHQL logo requirements, and supported Direct3D DDI up to API level 11_0.

As Intel Graphics retires the Gen 9 architecture, it will cease to provide regular driver updates. Instead, the company will adopt a slower update schedule that will address only essential security or stability concerns. 

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