Intel Panter Point chipset to offer USB 3.0 in 2012

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looks like it will take a while before Intel will start supporting USB 3.0 natively. Panther Point will be Intel's first chipset to offer USB 3.0 support. This chip will be part of the Ivy Bridge-based platform, which is expected to arrive just under a year from now. Panther Point will offer four USB 3.0 ports as well as ten USB 2.0 ports.

Nothing in the PC platform really becomes an industry standard before Intel embraces it. Same is the case with USB 3.0, which, over an year after its entry into the industry, has seen limited market adoption and motherboard integration, driven mostly by 2-port PCI-E controllers. Internal presentation slides sourced by Heise show that the Panther Point chipset, which drives Intel's Ivy Bridge processors, embeds a 4-port XHCI compatible USB 3.0 SuperSpeed controller. The controller sits aside two EHCI USB 2.0 controllers, and shares 4 ports over a USB hub. So, out of the 14 USB ports from the chipset, 4 will be SuperSpeed capableĀ  (via TPU via

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