Intel P55 Express is single-chip due Q3 2009

Intel is working on P55 Express, this chipset will replace the P45 and will be launched in the third quarter of next year, in time for the launch of the Lynnfield and Havendale processors. Havendale and Lynnfield, will be based on Nehalem architecture aka Core i7, in the desktop segment (first half  2009). These Quad core processors Lynnfield LGA 1160 will be limited to a TDP value not over 95 W

P55 supports both Lynnfield 45nm Nehalem-based quad-cores and IGP dual-core Nehalem codenamed Havendale. It looks that Lynnfield will launch in Q3 2009, while Havendale will slip to Q1 2010. The chipset supports one PCIe 16X or two eight-speed PCIe cards and it is a single chip architecture. It is pin compatible with future Intel 5 series chipsets, but we are not sure if it

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