Intel Optane DIMM: 512 GB at close to 8,000 US dollars

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If you have a compatible server and fancy a bit of Optane memory as an alternative DDR4, hey you can get yourself a 512GB stick for almost 8000 USD.

Yeah these are eye-popping values, depending on the etailer, the prices for the flagship module with 512 GB are currently at 7,000 US dollars to 8,000 US dollars . Hey, cheaper is the 256 GB model, at only 2,700 US dollars. And 128 GB for just $700,- At least you have some choices. 

Obviously, Optane DIMM is not the same as DDR4. Optane Persistent Memory offers data-centers to use larger amounts of data accessible at DRAM-like speeds, even if at much higher latencies. Optane can compare closest to the classic DDR4 memory with a maximum of half the power. When writing, however, Optane can quickly get problems, especially random write functions provide only a fraction of what DDR4 memory provides in the same place: 0.5 GB per second for Optane are about 15 GB per second compared to DDR4.

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