Intel Names Deepak Patil as the New CEO of its Revamped AXG Graphics Group"

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Intel has named Deepak Patil as the new CEO of its recently reorganized AXG Graphics Group (AXG), its GPU division. Patil, who served as Intel's CTO and held key roles at Microsoft and Dell, will succeed the temporary leader, Jeff McVeigh.

In his new role, Patil will be tasked with "propelling Intel's prominence in AI, HPC, and graphics solutions," according to the company's statement. As the General Manager of Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics, Patil will spearhead the evolution of groundbreaking technologies and foster innovation in these spheres.

Although the full extent of Patil's duties remains somewhat ambiguous due to the AXG division's recent restructuring, his extensive experience sets him up to excel in this role. Patil was instrumental in the inception and growth of Microsoft Azure and occupied a high-ranking role in Dell's Cloud Platforms division. Additionally, he held the position of CTO for the Data Center & AI group for a year.

With Patil's leadership, Intel is primed to persist in its quest to advance AI, HPC, and graphics solutions and augment its market presence in these sectors. This appointment reaffirms Intel's dedication to remaining a trailblazer in innovation and technology development.

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