Intel Kaby Lake processors Prices Surface In Webshops

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While Intel Kaby Lake processors will not be available until early January 2017, they already went on pre-order at some webshops. Here in the Netherlands. For example a Core i7 7700K will sell at € 434,-

There are two webshops in the Netherlands listing the prices, I have picked the one with the lowest prices, which is centralpoint. If I quickly handpick the more popular models then a Core i5 7600K would cost you 300 euro and the 7700k would cost you 434 euro. below an overview with links to the shop.

Kaby LakePrice 
Core i5 7400 € 235
Core i5 7500 € 253
Core i5 7600 € 277
Core i5 7600K € 301
Core i7 7700 € 386
Core i7 7700K € 434

Mind you that if you visit the shop, the big orange prices are excluding VAT, under it you can read the value (as noted in the chart) inclusive of VAT. Likely prices around launch time will drop a notch more to normalized values, but overall that's what you looking at. 

Intersting to note is that the shop is mentioning expected stock availability at Saturday December 10th, 2016.

Intel Kaby Lake processors Prices Surface In Webshops

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