Intel Haswell-E has SATA RST-driver issue

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The Intel X99 chipset for Haswell-E processors seems to be having an issue. The problem surfaced after Intel pulled their RSTe drivers for its platform.

You will notice that version of the Intels Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise driver has been revoked everywhere, you won't find it at the download huns from motherboard manufacturers like Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte and MSI either. After checking it became apparent that the driver at the very least does not offer trim support in a raid-0 installation.

Word right now is that a new version of the driver that fixes the issue is not planned, this enforces end-users to use the standard AHCI or SATA 600 driver. 

You can use an older RST-driver with revision 13.1, however that one is not optimized for X99 and you would only be able to use 6 SATA ports maximum, the rest will need to be controlled by the AHCI driver. The revoked RSTe driver is responsible for providing ten sata600 ports. Intel has not responded on this issue just yet. Since the problem seems to focus on RAID users only the issue could be limited for most of you guys.

Intel Haswell-E has SATA RST-driver issue

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