Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H: Detailed Technical Insights into the New Meteor Lake-P Processor

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A recent discovery by Twitter user @InstLatX64 has highlighted the operation of another processor in the Meteor Lake-P line: the Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H.

It bears similarities to the previously unearthed 1003 variant, featuring a total of 16 cores, which are split into 6 Performance cores and 10 Efficient cores. Notably, only the Performance cores include 2-way hyperthreading, leading to a collective count of 22 threads (12 from the Performance cores and 10 from the Efficient cores). The boot log detected by InstLatX64 indicates that the new 1002H SKU mirrors the CPU configuration of the 1003H variant. It boasts 6 Performance cores, 8 Efficient cores, and 2 cores situated in the System on a Chip (SoC) die – a novel feature in the Meteor Lake series. This arrangement yields an aggregate of 16 cores and 22 threads. The Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H CPU is projected to have a base clock of 3.0 GHz, around 100 MHz less than the pre-production model presented at Computex. It is noted to have a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 28W, suggesting a potential focus on performance (P-variant).

Intel's launch of the Meteor Lake CPU series is anticipated in the latter half of 2023. An Innovation event has been planned for September, where updates on the 14th Gen mobile and desktop CPU series, among other developments, are expected. As of now, specific details regarding the 1002H chip's frequency and place within the Meteor Lake-P processor family remain unclear. The given screenshot hints at a probable base clock of 3000 MHz, but as this might be an early pre-production model, additional data on the final design is needed. Given the identical core/thread count to the 1003H, it is anticipated that the recently discovered 1002H may have correspondingly lower clocks and TDP.

Intel Core Ultra 7 1002H: Detailed Technical Insights into the New Meteor Lake-P Processor

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