Intel Core i7-980 June 26th

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Word from VR-Zone is that the Intel Core i7-980 non Xtreme edition (multiplier locked) will officially be on sale from June 26th onwards replacing the current Core i7-970 processor launched nearly a year back.

Nothing has changed (still a 6-core Gulftown with 12MB cache on LGA1366 package) except a speed bump from 3.2GHz to 3.33GHz (25X multiplier). While every enthusiast is eagerly waiting for Sandy Bridge E with X79 chipset to arrive in a few months time, it is unclear if demand for such a processor for the old X58 chipset still exists. Anyway, Intel isn't killing off LGA1366 platform just yet or at least not till Waimea Bay comes along. The box part is BX80613I7980 and is expected to be priced at US$583.

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