Intel Core i7-8086K anniversary edition CPU gets listed at retailers (updated)

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And yes, it surfaces again. Remember that nostalgic sounding 8086 processor rumor we reported a while ago? Intel could be planning a special processor to be released with the 40th anniversary of the 8086 processor. Well, it is starting to list in stores as we speak.

Earlier on a Chinese forum released information and screenshots on it. The Core i7 8086K would be a respin of the existing Coffee Lake S and would get a base clock of 4.0GHz, however, it would get a boost to 5.0GHz.

I immediately need to make a side-note here. Everything about Intel's Turbos is vague as they do not release info about it anymore, we I can only assume that 5.0 GHz is a single thread and core boost and something 4.4 for the all-core boost. Currently, it also is not yet known if this is a four or six core part. For Intel we better hope it's the six-core one as it will cost ~475 EUR, which is roughly 70 bucks over the Core i7-8700K (six-core), and hey now ... including free Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. It is listed under SKU code BX80684I78086K. June 5th Intel will be hosting a keynote and I expect the highly binned proc to be presented there. The 8086K we expect to be the same six cores part with the same TDP of 95W. This remains to be a speculation though as that depends on the all-core turbo clock frequency. It would not be the first-anniversary processor Intel releases, remember the Pentium 20th Anniversary G3258 Processor?

8086  ... gotta find me an MS-DOS floppy disk :-)

Update: I just realized that on June 8, it has been precisely forty years ago that the 8086 is launched. Presumably, we also see the i7-8086K on 8 June. Also, I added some screenshots, it's a 6-core part.


Source: VideoCardzConnectionMerlion

Intel Core i7-8086K anniversary edition CPU gets listed at retailers (updated)

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