Intel Core i5 platform delayed

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Rumors on the web claim that Intel has delayed the launch of its P55 chipset and Lynnfield (Core i5) processors. Originally, it was thought that Intel would launch these chips at Computex but it seems the chip giant has different plans now.

Motherboards based on the Intel P55 chipset will be shown off at Computex in June, but a launch isn't expected until August/September or perhaps even as late as October. It's said that Intel is revising the P55 and bringing forward some features of the P57 chipset.

We're not sure when to expect the actual launch, as we've heard August-September from some and now we're hearing as late as October. Maybe Intel is biding their time, as they don't feel enough pressure from AMD and the Core 2 range is still doing pretty well in comparison to the Phenom II.

The Core i5 platform isn't exactly exciting, as it seems to have a lot of drawbacks and very few advantages to the consumer over the Core 2 platform and unless it offer something better, we doubt that people will bother to upgrade, especially considering the current economic climate, which could also be a reason why Intel is holding things back.

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