Intel Core i5-L16G7 Lakefield Spotted in benchmark

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Does anyone remember Lakefield? You know, not regular desktop processors, but more of a hybrid one based on Foveros technology? Well, as it seems the Intel Core i5-L16G7 has surfaced in a benchmark.

Yeah, it is a bit of a freaky design, but since freaky is our lingo, we'll bite. So first off, Foveros 3D technology means that the processor has several layers on top of each other (3D sticking). Much like a GPU with HBM2 memory connected via a substrate. Well, the Core i5-L16G7 Lakefield 3D processor is fabbed at 10nm and the architecture is based on one (fast) Sunny Cove core, assisted by four smaller, slower Tremont CPU cores.  The processor only measures 12 by 12 mm and will get one main core and four atom cores combined with a chipset and LPDDR4X.

The design consists of three parts and is strongly reminiscent of those used in smartphones, with one big difference: instead of putting memory on a die, Intel pairs two all managed by the so-called 3D Foveros packaging technology, which basically is 3D stacking to connect multiple chiplets. Intel uses an interposer, which is produced in a 22FFL process and contains I/O functions such as SATA or USB. On top of that, through-contacted (TSV) there will be a 10nm based compute die as well as the RAM controller with a 64-bit interface, and at the top then the LPDDR4X main memory as a classic PoP (Package on Package). Intel previously strictly differentiated between core and Atom processors, the Compute-Die combines these two types of x86 CPU cores; a bit like ARM's big-LITTLE methodology. A Sunny Cove core, that's the name of the architecture of the upcoming Ice Lake chips, is expected next to four Tremont cores (next-gen Atom cores). The five cores will share 4 MB of L3 cache and are tied to a Gen11 GT2 integrated graphics unit with 64 execution units.

TUM_APISAK spotted the unannounced chip from Intel in UserBenchmark, the Core i5-L16G7. The "L" in the naming would / could indicate Lakefield. Since it matches five cores in total, one of which is a faster core this pretty much has to be Lakefield. The unit clocks in at 1.4 GHz and may boost to 1.75 GHz. The benchmark is listing Samsung 767XCL as a device, that could be a Galaxy Book S, as Samsung announced earlier that this laptop would use a Lakefield CPU.

Intel Core i5-L16G7 Lakefield Spotted in benchmark

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