Intel Core i5-13400 tested, 20% faster than 12400

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Some non-released Intel 13th Gen Core series processors  are already on sale in Asia. The non-K series went on sale before the formal CES 2023 introduction in January.

Although these CPUs are accessible in some regions, not all board makers have issued supporting BIOSes, especially for the 600-series. Intel has not created a next-gen mid-range B760 motherboard series to pair with these CPUs. JAWARA media has the new CPU and BIOS for their ASRock B660M PG Riptide motherboard. This board with DDR4-3600 RAM compared Core i5-12400 and i5-13400. This is the first comparison of this type of retail processor, therefore their 8-day-old video is worth sharing. Core i5-13400 has identical characteristics to its predecessor but 4 additional Efficient cores. 200 MHz turbo clock (4.6 GHz). Single-thread performance will increase less than multi-threaded, as illustrated in the first Cinebench R23 comparison.

5% single-threaded speed boost, 29% multi-threaded (just ignore the x-axis not starting from 0). Power and thermal tests are also shared. CPU requires 20W more power, however temperature has only risen 1°C. Both CPUs have 65W basic power and 117W boost. Many Asian countries currently sell Core i5-13400 series. Price varies and usually includes a motherboard. Given that Intel is aiming to compete with AMD, the i5-13400 should not cost more than $200.

Intel Core i5-13400 tested, 20% faster than 12400

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