Intel Core i5-10400 Photos and Details

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As we get closer and closer to Intel's 14nm Comet Lake release for desktop, more info and photos leak out.  This round the Core i5-10400.

The Core i5 desktop processor will get HyperThreading being a 6-core/12-thread processor with 12 MB of shared L3 cache (9 MB  L3 on last gen).  Replacing the Core i5-9400/F  the i5-10400 is likely to be under the $200 mark, as well as the  i5-10400F. The CPUs willl get a 2.90 GHz base clock speeds and up to 4.30 GHz maximum, Turbo Boost with a  4.00 GHz all-core Turbo Boost at 65 W. The chip will compete with AMD's Ryzen 5 3600 series.

The 10th generation Core desktop processors will require a new motherboard being based on LGA1200 package, the Intel 400-series motherboards. It is expected to see a release/announcement in April.

Intel Core i5-10400 Photos and Details

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