Intel Core i3-3570K IGP 67 percent faster than previous gen

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Slides that reveal the graphics performance of the Intel HD 4000 graphics integrated into the 22nm "Ivy Bridge" based Core i5-3570K. According to the leaked data, the new generation is 67 percent faster than the Core i5-2500K, but still 36 percent slower than a +2 year old entry-level graphics card like the GeForce GT 240. The Intel HD 4000 graphics core beats the HD 3000 hands down, with performance leads as high as 122% in a particular test. The chip produces more than playable frame-rates with Left4Dead 2 and Street Fighter IV, both well above 50 FPS, even DiRT 3 and Far Cry 2 run strictly OK, over 30 FPS. StarCraft II is where it produced under 30 FPS, so the chip might get bogged down in intense battles. A mainstream discrete GeForce or Radeon is a must. On average, the graphics core embedded into the Core i5-3570K was found to be 67.25% faster than the one on the Core i5-2500K.


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