Intel has a Skylake Shortage

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Intel has confirmed that is has a Skylake processor shortage, mainly for manufacturers. The company shared this information after the CEO of ASUS mentioned that Asus is not receiving enough processors.

Intel expects to have more volume available in the 3rd quarter of the year, meaning in September things should ramp up. Intel did not share any reasoning behind the shortage other then 'strong demand'.

In September we are going to produce a lot of ‘Skylake’ products, but we expect significant shortage of ‘Skylake’ globally, not just for Asus,” said Jerry Shen, chief executive officer of Asustek Computer, during the company’s earnings conference with investors and financial analysts***. “That is why in August we have Windows 10[-based products], but ‘Skylake’ only accounts for a very small percentage. In the fourth quarter, ‘Skylake’ will take a higher percentage. Skylake is in significant shortage right now in the third quarter.”

“We are experiencing supply tightness due to strong demand and expect additional volume to be available as Q3 progresses,” said Daniel Snyder, a spokesman for Intel.

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