Intel Coffee Lake i3 8350K & 8100 specs leak

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Last week we already posted some screenshots of a new Coffee lake Core i3 series core processor showing four cores. See, AMD is stirring up the market on every segment with a processor. The recent Ryzen 3 series for example are all quad-core processors. Historically Intel always outed a 2-core model. Until now.

It was indicated that the Core i3-8300 series was spotted on Chinese forums, see link above. The interesting thing here is that that entry was a quad-core with hyper threading in a 4c/8t configuration. A direct response to AMDs Ryzen 3 alright. Some new info was posted in the Anandtech forums with a screenshot embedded by, two models including specs are now being listed.

  • Core i3 8100 - quad core / four threads at 3.6 GHz (65W TDP)
  • Core i3 8350K - quad core / four threads at 4 GHz (91W TDP) 

As you can see the procs do not get any boost allowance, hence these are either 3.6 or thus running 4.0 GHz as a base clock. There are a number of things interesting, first off, the Core i3 8350K will get a 91 Watt TDP. And yes, it is a K model hence it'll be unlocked. 

Secondly, if you browse down in the screenshot, these procs will not get hyper-threading. It is interesting though, Intel opening up quad cores in the Core i3 range starting at Coffee lake. That is a substantial increase in TDP though. Thanks SH SOTN for the news submit.

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