Intel Centrino 2 platform is here

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Intel tonight formally introduced its Centrino 2 notebook platform Monday as well as a new 45nm, 3.06GHz Core 2 Extreme mobile processor, calling it the "highest performing" chip of its kind in the world. 

"When we first introduced Intel Centrino back in 2003, there were very few Wi-Fi hotspots, YouTube videos and social media didn't really exist, 'thin and light' only referred to weight goals and desktop PCs outsold notebooks by a very wide margin," said Mooly Eden, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of the company's Mobile Platforms Group. "Today, notebooks outsell desktops in the U.S., and we're paving the way to HD entertainment, rich online gaming, faster broadband wireless speeds and an easier and more secure way for businesses to manage, update and repair their notebook fleets."

The new Centrino 2 series is powered by new 45nm Core 2 Duo processors accumulating in total up tp five CPUs.

Centrino 2 comes with new vPro technology, the 802.11 draft-N-ready Wi-Fi Link 5000 series chips and the Mobile GM45 and PM45 Express chipsets with later additions set to include WiMAX. The new notebooks that feature the Centrino 2 platform's longer battery life, better performance, a faster 1,066MHz system bus, DDR3 memory support, and new vPro features for advanced IT management.

Besides the release of the 3.06GHz mobile flagship, Intel is known to be releasing eight Core 2 Duo processors within the coming three months as well as a total of 14 "diverse" new processors over an unspecified period of time. In addition to the first quad-core laptop processor -- understood in reports to clock at 2.53GHz -- Intel says later this year it plans to ship its first-ever combined WiMAX/Wi-Fi module (nicknamed Echo Peak) as an option for future systems.

There are already some 250 Centrino 2 notebooks being built by various companies so, although delayed, Intel's new mobile platform is enjoying great support.

Intel Centrino 2 platform is here

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