Intel Broadwell will be available in retail before Christmas

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has spoken openly about the launch of Broadwell processors. As expected these products will slowly become available at the end of the year it sees. The timing of new chip rollouts is important to Intel and manufacturers looking to sell new PCs with better battery life and higher speeds. 

"I can guarantee for holiday, and not at the last second of holiday," Krzanich said in an interview. "Back to school - that's a tight one. Back to school you have to really have it on-shelf in July, August. That's going to be tough." 

Krzanich's comments were more precise than during Intel's most recent quarterly conference call with analysts in April. On that call, he said he expected Intel's customers to launch Broadwell-based products in the second half of 2014.

Broadwell will get integrated graphics (Iris Pro 5100/5200) with DirectX 11.1 support, OpenGL 4.2 and OpenCL 1.2/2. The iGP will get 128 MB of on-package eDRAM (CrystalWell) and allow for 25GB/s + 50GB/s eDRAM bio-directional bandwidth. The memory is located on a separate part of the die from the iGP.

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