Intel Arrow Lake Processors Would not Be Named 15th Gen Core and 20A Process Adoption

Asia blogger Blogger @金 Weibo has provided updates on Intel's upcoming Arrow Lake processors, correcting some earlier rumors. These new processors will not be part of the 15th generation Core series but will instead be named "Core Ultra Processor (Series 2)", following the precedent set by the Meteor Lake processors introduced in December of the previous year. Scheduled for release in 2024, the Arrow Lake processors will move away from supporting DDR4 memory and will not include hyper-threading or LP E-Core cores.

They will retain the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) feature, matching the capabilities of the mobile Meteor Lake processors. The integrated graphics will consist of 4 Xe cores and will be listed as Intel Graphics in the task manager, similar to what is observed in the Core Ultra 5 125U processors. A significant update is that certain desktop models of the Arrow Lake processors, especially those with a 6+8 core configuration in the ARL-S series, will utilize Intel's 20A process technology. This includes desktop non-K, U5, and lower models. These models will still require a Platform Controller Hub (PCH), indicating that Intel will not be adopting a PCH-free design like some AMD platforms. For the mobile versions of Arrow Lake, Intel will incorporate advanced process technology from TSMC. This news precedes the expected launch of the Arrow Lake processors in 2024, as announced by Intel at CES 2024.


Source: ithome

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