Intel Arc A770 Now Outperforms RTX 3060 According to new Intel Slides

In a recent blog post, Intel showcases the improvements made in their GPU driver releases. The company often leads the competition in being the first to support new game titles. 

The frequency of driver releases is less significant than the optimizations they bring. Intel reports that their latest "4311" driver provides increased performance compared to the prior version. A substantial improvement for gamers is seen in the Dead Space Remake, with Intel claiming up to 63% enhanced performance. This boost is likely due to the previous release not being optimized for the game.

Performance Enhancements in Various Games:

Dead Space Remake (DX12):

F1 22 (DX12):

Dying Light 2 Stay Human (DX12):

Dirt 5 (DX12):

Deathloop (DX12):

Gamers can expect more realistic improvements, ranging from 4% to 17%, depending on game settings. Interestingly, many games tested showed enhanced ray tracing performance. Intel highlights the affordability of the Arc A750 GPU, now retailing at $249. Although it has less memory than the RTX 3060 12GB, priced at approximately $388, the Arc A750 surpasses the NVIDIA GPU in most games at 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Intel asserts that their card is 10% faster and provides 72% more performance per dollar (at 1440p resolution) in games like Total War Warhammer III.

The updated driver is available for download, supporting all Intel Arc mobile and desktop GPUs, as well as some modern integrated solutions.

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