Intel Announces Core i9 9900K Processor

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During a live stream intel, today announced a Coffee lake-S refresh processor. Coffee Lake started as 8th gen six-core processors and now this is expanding towards eight-core processors. They have a TDP at 95W.

While not mandatory, the Z390 chipset based motherboards are recommended for the 8-core parts. The Coffee Lake 9000 are also based on a 14nm fabrication node, now with desktop in a 6-core and 8-core models. The Coffee Lake series processors are a refresh of the existing architecture and as such, the core basis is the same (as well as IPC). If we look back a little further, Coffee Lake-S shares design elements found in the Kaby lake and Skylake architecture, but now scaled upwards to 8-cores. The processor series is fabbed at 14nm.

  • 9900K - 8c/16t has 16MB L3

In the initial release, you will see three primary procs, but that does not mean you'll only see a couple of processors in the Core 9000 range, word out on the street is that models like 9100, 9400 and 9500 Core series processors will be released as well. Next week the performance reviews on the newly announced products will go live. The presentation was a bit confusing for the Core 9000 series, Intel only talked about the Core i9 9900K, and nothing else. We'll add what we think we know.

  Core i9-9900K Core i7-9700K Core i5-9600K
Cores / Threads 8/16 8/8 6/6
Speed 3.6GHz 3.6GHz 3.7GHz
Maximum turbo 5GHz 4.9 GHz 4.6 GHz
L2 cache per core 256KB 256KB 256KB
L3 cache 16MB 12MB 9MB
Memory channels Dual-channel Dual-channel Dual-channel
Tdp 95W 95W 95W
price $488 $374 $262

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