Intel Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 - does 40 Gbps

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Intel released information on Thunderbolt 3. Now if you have followed our Computex news, you would have noticed that some motherboards offer support through USB 3.1 (10Gbps) through a Thunderbolt chip (Alpine Ridge). This is the one, the Thunderbolt 3 revision will offer one USB 3.1 port as well next to 40 Gbps for the Thunderbolt connector.

Intel says that the first products with Thunderbolt 3 will begin shipping this year, but we already have seen it on selected Skylate Series 100 motherboards. The cable and port will look exactly like an USB Type-C connector so look for the small thunderbolt logo. 

The idea behind the USB Type-C connector is that it is one connector that can be used for all purposes – USB, DisplayPort, PCI-Express, and up-to 100 Watt of power. With Thunderbolt added to the mix, it means that USB Type-C will really be one connector to rule them all. That's pretty good really.

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