Intel All-Core 5GHz Flagship Core i9 9900KS processor spotted in 3DMark

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Remember that Intel announced a new processor prior to the start of Computex, the Core i9 9900KS processor that will have 5 GHz boost activated on all eight cores? It seems to have surfaced in the 3DMark ORB. 

So basically in threaded workloads where one or all threads are utilized, the processor will jump to 5 GHz on all threads/cores. The existing Core i9 9900K, which has one core active up to 5 GHz, and all core stress translates towards a maximum of 4.7 GHz on all cores.

Intel never named a release date for the i9-9900KS, but in the 3DMark Fire Strike an entry appeared which seems to belong to the 9900KS . In the physics benchmark, the i9-9900KS scores 26,350 points. A normal i9-9900K sits at around 25,000 points, which would correspond to an increase of more than 5 percent. The tact of the two models differs by 6.4 percent, so the result would fit well

It is a bit blurry how Intel wants to achieve the clock plus of an additional 300 MHz and retain a normal TDP and ... coolng. Intel did not share any details on what the TDP is going to be for this SKU, as certainly it'll be higher than 100 Watts. Intel at the time showed a demo that at standards utilizes all-in-one water cooler. Intel has not disclosed a price either.

Next month the 16-core Ryzen 3950X will be released. To see this entry in the ORB all of the sudden does indicate that Intel is working on a thing or two.


Intel All-Core 5GHz Flagship Core i9 9900KS processor spotted in 3DMark

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