Intel Adds Budget Coffee Lake Celeron and Pentium Gold processors

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This week we have seen a plethora of B360 and H370 motherboard reviews as well as some new refresh Coffee Lake processors on the desktop platform. But Intel also introduced a number of new Celeron and Pentium Gold CPUs yesterday, budget Coffee Lake.

In short, added are Pentium Gold and Celeron processors. Pentium Gold processors are dual core based procs with Hyper-Threading (SMT) enabled. Pentium Gold will have four megabytes of L3 cache. You will notice two T-models, these have a lower clock and thus is a more energy-efficient proc opposed to the non-T models. The retail price sits at 64 running up towards 86 USD.

The Celeron CPUs are lacking Hyper-Threading. There is one caveat though, the Celerons only have two megabytes of L3 cache as well as getting lower clocks compared to Pentium GoldThe T-models, here again, are lower clocked and should be slightly more energy-efficient. The suggested retail price sits at a 40 to 50 USD marker for the G4900T, the G4920 is the most expensive of the three with 52 USD.

ProcessorClock FrequencyCores/threadsL3 cacheTDPList price
Pentium Gold G5600 3.9 GHz 2/4 4MB 54W $86
Pentium Gold G5500 3.8 GHz 2/4 4MB 54W $75
Pentium Gold G5500T 3.2 GHz 2/4 4MB 35W $75
Pentium Gold G5400 3.7 GHz 2/4 4MB 58W $64
Pentium Gold G5400T 3.1 GHz 2/4 4MB 35W $64
Celeron G4920 3.2 GHz 2/2 2MB 54W $52
Celeron G4900 3.1 GHz 2/2 2MB 54W $42
Celeron G4900T 2.9 GHz 2/2 2MB 35W $42

Intel Adds Budget Coffee Lake Celeron and Pentium Gold processors

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