Intel 14nm chip supply cannot keep up with demand - affects PC shipments for 2H18

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Intel's 14nm chips are getting in short demand, and that might have a prolonged effect on shipments this year. Intel's 14nm lines are running at peak capacity ever since 10nm pretty much was delayed, which created more demand for 14nm. 

This not only involves processors, chipsets are another thing, for example, Z370 launched on 22nm but Intel down the line changed all that to 14nm as well. With 10nm pushed back all the occurrences create a shortage at 14nm fabrication. Both ACER and ASUS now also confirmed the shortage which would push through the last half of 2018. And we know it all, in the end, any shortage will increase prices. 

After deciding to defer the launch of 10nm CPUs to the second half of 2019, Intel has just released two new 14nm processors: 8th-generation Core U low power mobile processors codenamed Whiskey Lake and Core Y Amber Lake processors for slim notebooks and tablets. The new super slim notebook models released by Taiwan's Acer at IFA 2018 running August 31-September 9 in Berlin and new MacBook series set to be unveiled in September will all adopt the new processors, the sources said - Digitimes.

As to what extent other parties are involved that fab at 14nm, is not yet clear. This all falls into place with news from Global foundries who this week issued a press statement it would ditch 7nm for the time being, for more profitable production of 12 and 14nm.

Intel 14nm chip supply cannot keep up with demand - affects PC shipments for 2H18

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