InnoDisk DDR4-2666 Server Memory for Purley Platform

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Purley is the successor to the Nehalem architecture, a platform based on motherboard chipset and thus the processor series. The processor platform will come enable six-channels DDR4. Purley will support for no less than 8 processor sockets. 

Read more on Purley platform here, back to innodisk then. Innodisk, the service driven flash and DRAM provider, introduces the new DDR4 2666 memory modules designed for server applications on the upcoming Purley platform that Intel intends to release in 2017. The DDR4 2666 RDIMM is equipped with a Samsung chip which is designed with a new system circuit architecture to deliver even higher performance with lower power consumption. 

"For years, Innodisk has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing industrial grade memory modules, and we have never stopped introducing industry leading products," said Samson Chang, Vice President of Embedded DRAM Business Unit of Innodisk. "We are proud to introduce the industry's first DDR4 RDIMM with an initial speed 2666 MT/s. It will optimize the Purley platform and maximize its performance. Innodisk will continue to develop more advanced product specifications in the future, allowing us to have the most complete product line amongst our competitors. Our goal is to support our customers various needs and lead the industrial systems upgrade."

Innodisk's DDR4 2666 RDIMM is compliant with the JEDEC standards and is offered in speeds of 2666 MT/s with a voltage of 1.2V. Our DDR4 2666 module series are available now at 8G, 16G and 32G capacities. We will launch larger capacity models in 2017, Q1.

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