Inno3D unveils iChill mini-ITX ION motherboard

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We already showed tyhis to you in our computex report, but

Inno3D announced a new mini-ITX motherboard based on NVIDIA's ION platform, the iChill motherboard makes use of the reference design and will likely ship with the single-core Intel Atom N270 and the dual-core Atom 330.
We've yet to hear of confirmation of models or pricing, but we'd expect the board to ship in two flavours - one featuring an integrated single-core Atom N270 processor, and another sporting an integrated dual-core Atom 330.

NVIDIA's ION chipset brings with it a GeForce 9400m IGP, with a GPU clocked at 450MHz and 16 stream processors clocked a 1,100MHz. The board provides two DDR2 DIMM slots, supporting up to 8GB of 667MHz/800MHz RAM, and is bundled with a 90W external power supply.

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