In Vietnam you can buy GPUs by the Kilo

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The Vietnamese man Lê Thành, who is known as "The King of VGA," posted a series of photos on Facebook that show people selling graphics cards on the streets of Vietnam as if they were selling food. In the pictures, there are a lot of GPUs stacked on the floor. You can even see a scale, as if graphics cards could be bought by the kilogramme.

But it is not clear to us whether this is a new way to sell GPUs or a way to make fun of the fact that there are too many cards being used for mining. In one of the pictures, a motorcyclist stops to buy a couple of these graphics cards.Even if it is a joke or not, many  people who wanted to buy graphics cards commented on the article and asked if they shipped the products outside of Vietnam. For example, people from Holland and Italy who were interested in these GPUs commented on the article.

In the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about how mining for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies led to a huge increase in the number of graphics cards on the market. The change from the PoW model to the PoS model has had a big effect on the mining market and, as a result, on the supply and demand of graphics cards. 

Also, when the 40 series comes out, the older and more popular RTX 30 models get a big price cut.

In Vietnam you can buy GPUs by the Kilo

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