IDrive Online Backup has launched IDrive One

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The IDrive is a wireless storage drive that boasts wireless connectivity and streaming capabilities along with the option for internal SSD drives for improved performance. 

IDrive One works with the IDrive One app, which is available for iOS and Android allowing users to transfer their videos, photos and music while creating a custom media library, where users can stream their content to multiple devices.

IDrive One is available now with the following options: 1TB or 128GB SSD for $99.99 and 2TB or 256GB SSD for $149.99, each drives comes with 1TB of IDrive cloud backup for free for one year.

IDrive One offers a host of features that makes it one of the most innovative storage devices around as it does three great things in one device:

  • Creating a wireless base station comes with ease as IDrive One comes with 802.11 b/g/n/a/ac that enables faster connectivity at a range of up to 150 feet while maintaining backwards compatibility with devices geared toward older B/G/N wireless standards. Along with beam forming technology to target connected devices, IDrive One can extend your router with fast Wi-Fi and provide fast access.
  • Extending Mobile storage enables users to say goodbye to mobile storage limits, as users can easily view/play their files within the Wi-Fi range. Photos, videos and music can be stored and streamed to all of your devices.
  • Fast local backups and restores for PC, Mac and mobile devices are possible with IDrive One, along with security as all files are protected with 256-bit encryption along with optional private key for the ultimate layer of protection.

For more information, visit the product page.

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