iD Software to remove Denuvo from Doom Eternal

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The controversial anti-hack software Denuvo Anti-Cheat will soon disappear from DOOM Eternal. Game maker id Software announced this in a post on Reddit on Wednesday evening.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat was added to the PC version of the game with the previous update of DOOM Eternal to protect the competitive mode from cheaters. Fans reacted furiously and bombarded the company with negative ratings on store pages and review collection sites.

That was partly because fans blamed Denuvo for bugs introduced with the update. Gamers more often point to Denuvo as a source of technical problems in games. According to id Software, Denuvo is not to blame for the crashes, but rather unrelated errors.

Denuvo Anti-Cheat will be provisionally removed from the game next week. Then it will be examined "whether it is at least possible to give people who do not want to play against each other the option to turn off Denuvo", producer Marty Stratton said on Reddit.

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