HyperX Introduces Alloy Rise Pioneer Series Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

HyperX, an HP subsidiary, has introduced the Alloy Rise Pioneer series of gaming mechanical keyboards. The series includes two models: the full-size Pioneer RGB and the smaller 75% Pioneer 75. The starting price for these keyboards is approximately $174 USD.The Pioneer series keyboards are wired and feature a keyline separation design and a Gasket structure. Both models support hot-swapping of switches and have an 8000Hz polling rate. The keyboards also come with numerous customizable components, such as the aluminum top frame, side magnetic badges, and rotary media buttons, all of which can be replaced to suit user preferences. Focusing on the mechanical aspects, the Pioneer series utilizes HyperX's 2nd generation linear switches, which include a half-wall POM rod to enhance keycap stability. These switches are designed to withstand up to 80 million keystrokes. Additionally, they are factory pre-lubricated to improve performance. The actuation force of the HyperX linear switches is 40g, with a trigger travel of 1.8mm and a maximum travel of 4.0mm.

A notable feature of the Pioneer series is the integration of an ambient light sensor, which automatically adjusts the RGB backlighting based on the surrounding lighting conditions. These keyboards are currently available for purchase on various e-commerce platforms, with the Pioneer 75 priced at about $174 USD and the Pioneer RGB at approximately $203 USD.

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