Huawei files patent lawsuits against Verizon, HP and Cisco

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Yesterday you've been able to read about the TSMC and Huawei fiasco, today news reaches us that Huawei is preparing a counterattack as it will file patent lawsuits against some big USA based companies, Verizon, HP and Cisco.

With the USA and China on a collision course, a good number of companies get absorbed in the aftermath of decisions. The one company that takes the hardest beating has to be Huawei. TSMC announced that it will stop supplying processors to the company all due to legislation set by the United States, even though TSMC is based in Taiwan, its foundries employ machinery made from components made in the United States. 

Huawei is seeking royalty payments for hundreds of patents. In particular, sources claimed that this event could also be exploited by the Chinese company to compel courts to uncover confidential information from Verizon and its suppliers.

This turn of events was unexpected, since the United States Government, in particular, did not consider Huwaei to use the United States patent law against American companies. Huawei took advantage of the adjustments made by the United States Government in the FRAND agreement, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing/fair terms, which allow the Chinese company to sue these companies.

Huawei files patent lawsuits against Verizon, HP and Cisco

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