HP ProBook business laptops have AMD Trinity APUs

HP spreads workd that they updated its ProBook 4445, 4446s and 4545s business laptops with AMD's Trinity APUs. The ProBook 4545s is currently available globally with prices starting at $499. The other two models are only for the Asia-Pacific and Japan regions.

The HP ProBook 4445s, 4446s and 4545s Notebook PCs are equipped with all-new 2012 AMD A-Series accelerated processors and VISION Pro Technology to provide the right performance to tackle intensive work assignments. AMD Enduro Technology-formerly known as AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics-uses discrete graphics to create brilliant visuals when plugged in and allows the PC to automatically switch to battery-saving mode by powering down the discrete GPU when unplugged, all while still delivering great performance on every day business applications. These HP ProBook s-series notebook PCs also provide the option for AMD Radeon Dual Graphics for high-end 3-D rendering processing performance.

On a related note, HP also introduced Compaq Pro 6305, a new desktop PC with AMD's A-series Trinity APUs. This system starts at $539, it will ship on October 8 with Windows 7. Windows 8 configurations will be available at a later date.

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