HIS to offer Single Slot Radeon RX 460 Slim-iCooler OC

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The RX 460 might not be anyone's workhorse of a graphics card, that didn't stop HIS from fabbing a custom model. In fact they took it a step further and designed a single slot version. 

The product is tagged under a Slim-iCooler OC label (SKU HS-460R4TCNR) and is indeed slim. The cooler is based on a metal casing with in the center a 50mm fan. The fan will not spin as long as the card remains under a GPU temperature of 60 Degrees C.

The Polaris 11 GPU based product even got a tiny tweak, 1220 MHz for the GPU. The 128-bit 4GB GDDR5 memory runs at 7 Gbps factory clocks though. Outputs include DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI. There is no work on availability and pricing just yet.

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