HighPoint Bootable NVMe RAID Controller for Windows & Linux

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The SSD7202 is ideal for PC's that require NVMe boot performance or an ultra-compact storage solution. The low-profile SSD7202 smaller than your average video card, yet can host up to 8 TB of storage and can be easily installed into any industry standard PCIe 3.0/4.0 x8 or x16 slot.

Our third-generation NVMe architecture utilizes our Smart-Switching PCIe 3.0 x8 host interface to ensure broad compatibility with a wide range of hardware platforms without compromising performance; the dedicated x8 bandwidth enables the SSD7202 to deliver up to 7000 MB/s using just two M.2 SSD's. The SSD7202 is the first NVMe RAID controller to feature our ultra-efficient two-stage cooling solution, which removed the need for a bulky, external case. The card-length heat sink features an integrated low-noise fan to ensure the NVMe SSDs and critical chipset components remain cool even under sustained load.

Robust Linux Support
A dedicated team of engineers proactively monitors and updates support for all major Linux distributions to ensure the SSD7202 is compatible with the latest releases of CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian. Our innovative Auto-Compile feature is now embedded directly into out open source software release. Auto-Compile was designed to streamline Linux installation and upgrade procedures, and eliminates the need for user intervention.

Comprehensive Booting Capability
The SSD7202 supports three distinct boot modes: Rapid-Boot, Secure-Boot and Multi-Boot. Rapid-Boot employs RAID striping technology to minimize boot-time and maximize transfer performance. Secure-Boot utilizes mirroring technology to manage a hidden, automated backup of the boot drive. Multi-boot allows customers to configure NVMe SSD's to work as separate drives, each of which is capable of hosting a different operating system.

Unique, 2-Stage Cooling Solution
The SSD7202 is well suited for applications that require distraction-free working environments. The PCIe 3.0 x8 host interface enables the controller to operate at lower temperatures than its x16 counterparts; the unique design sports a single all-aluminium heats sink with an integrated low-noise fan, which easily dissipates the heat generated by a pair of M.2 drives, even under sustained load, while eliminating distraction and the risks of compromising your production requirements.

Comprehensive RAID Management - Your Choice - Graphical or Text-only interfaces
When it comes to maintaining critical storage configurations, each customer has specific needs and preferences. Both management interfaces share universal layouts across all major operating systems, and can be administered locally or remotely via an internet connection. The Web RAID Management Interface (WebGUI) is a simple, intuitive web-based management tool and is ideal for customers who are new to RAID technology. The CLI (command line interface) is a powerful, text-only management interface designed for advanced users and professional administrators. Comprehensive user guides are available for both interfaces are available from the SSD7202's Software Updates webpage.

Pricing and Availability
The SSD7202 will become available in Early June 2020, from our North American Retail and Distribution channels. SSD7202 MSRP - $299.

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