Guru3D - Contest 1 photo entries

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Okay my friends, seventeen pages of photo's, totalling up to a selection of 135 entries in the first selection in this competition. A lot of people have entered Contest 1 the 'A decade of Guru3D' photo contest.

Some of you went for a fairly normal photo, others where really creative, and again others made some really hard effort out of their projects.

We absolutely love to see the diversity on photo's entered. Guru3D is a global website, and if anything this contest has proven that. America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Russia, Asia .. photo's came in from everywhere, and that made me a very proud site owner.

Of course the final winners still need to be picked, but we wanted to share with you guys 135 of the most interesting photo's entered in this competition !

Check out all the photo entries here. And again, this is a first selection .. some entries did not make it, and later (likely in a week from now) the final five winners will be announced.

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