Guru3D 2017 December 13 contest - Win an LE Star Wars Nvidia TITAN Xp worth €1200

This week Star Wars hits the box-offices, we'll go all JEDI today. That means every day up-to December 31st you will have a chance of winning something truly unique, yes we hand out an NVIDIA Star Wars TITAN Xp Jedi Order Collector Edition worth € 1200 (!), the force is strong today.

Every year during the Christmas season we give away some cool stuff, this year once again are expanding as a thank you to everybody that disabled their ad-blocker. So yes, this is a thank you from this is our way of expressing our sincere respect for disabling that ad-blocker on, thank you for understanding and your support! We'll hand out a prize up-to-the 31st of December 2017. 

December 13

Up-to last week, the fastest consumer graphics card on the globe, available in the all-new Star Wars themed Dark Side and Jedi version, shaped and styled after a lightsaber. This graphics houses Nvidia's Pascal GP102 GPU tied towards with 12GB of GDDR5X graphics memory.  That GP102 graphics processor features 3840 fully enabled shader cores and has been tied to 12GB of GDDR5X memory running over a 384-bit bus, a product that is selling for give or take $1200. You have been able to see very few reviews on this new product, Nvidia really isn't aiming at gamers with this release.

Please find our review here.




How to join the competition?

Well, you do need to do something. Somewhere in the articles listed below, we have hidden the photo that you can see in the form below, waiting for you to get spotted. A hint, the photo often is not the same size and can be embedded into another photo.

We made it more easy to spot, and only ten articles are used.

To participate in this competition what you need to do is answer the question form below with the correct answer. 

Simple and easy, you submit your answer with the form below. Please hit the above button, and Facebook LIKE or Share us, that's it. There will be no marketing purposes for your email address or any info you submit, after the contest all competition entries will simply be deleted again.

Guru3D will collect all submitted results. Say we have 1000 proper results then we select these and sort them in chronological order. Then we draw a random number between 1 and 1000. That number will correspond to the entry sorted chronologically. The winner will get the product(s) shipped to you for free (worldwide). 

The winners will be emailed in week 1 of 2018, and announced on the FrontPage. There will be no dialog about this contest possible before and after closure.

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