Guru3D 2016 December 5 contest - Win a Creative Labs Sound Blaster ZxR soundcard

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In December here on Guru3D we will give away a nice prizes. That means every day up-to December 31st you will have a chance of winning something. Today we give away a Creative Labs Sound Blaster ZxR soundcard. Check out below the fold what you need to do to be eligible to win this product.

Every year during Christmas we give away some cool stuff, this year we are expanding as a thank you to everybody that disabled their ad-blocker. So yes, this is a thank you from this is our way of expressing our sincere respect for disabling that ad-blocker on We'll hand out a prize every day up-to the 31st of December 2016, that means 31 chances to win something! 

December 1: Win a reative Labs Sound Blaster ZxR soundcard

Creative Labs basically had the market cornered for many years and some diehard fans felt that during this time their designs suffered a bit. They weren’t really pushing the envelope and trying to advance the market as much as a company would if they had steady competition. As the saying goes it is great to be king! In recent times, the PC audio market has enjoyed a resurgence of fans and new technology. New companies have thrown their hats into the ring and defiantly declared to Creative to either step up or step off. Enter the current Z class of soundcards. From what we have been able to gleen, the new Z series is CL's push to gain the top spot again or at least gather the lions share.

Please visit the manufacturer product page here. That's a pretty audible prize right ?


How to join the contest 

To participate in this competition what you need to do is:

That's it, honestly. Are you already registered ? Simply unsubscribe and register again (previous competition entries will remain valid). Your email is only used for newsletters (when we publish a new article), nothing more nothing less. 

Also (only if you want to) please give a like or recommendation.

Guru3D will collect all submitted results. Say we have 1000 proper results then we select these and sort them in chronological order. Then we draw a random number between 1 and 1000. That number will correspond with the entry sorted chronological. The winner will get the product(s) shipped to you for free (worldwide). 

  • This contest runs one day and end December 6, 2016 (Central European Time - 11:00 CEST)
  • Just one entry per person is allowed. Detected double entries will be disqualified.

The winners will be emailed in week 1 of 2017, on the FrontPage we'll note when that happens. We will contact the winner, by email only. There will be no dialog about this contest possible before and after closure.

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