GTA V sold even better, 165 million copies sold

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Rockstar and its owner, Take-Two, are benefiting from GTA V's popularity. GTA V, one of the most successful video game franchises in history, has sold an amazing 165 million copies to date. 

Remember that the game was released for three system generations of consoles as well. The GTA franchise, which began in 1997, has already sold 375 million units across all titles. Take-Two describes it as "a pioneer of the open-world genre" and "one of the most profitable and recognizable brands in all of entertainment." Take-financial Two's report emphasizes Grand Theft Auto Online, which began as a free download with GTA V and was published independently on March 15 of this year. The game is constantly changing, with over 40 updates already released and more on the way. Take-Two hired more than 963 workers in the last year, growing from 5,049 to 6,042 personnel to work in the company's current pipeline, the largest in the company's history. The Quarry, Marvel's Midnight Sun, and Kerbal Space Program 2 are among the new releases. This year's offerings include NBA 2K23, PGA Tour 2K23, WWE 2K23, GTA The Trilogy – Definitive Edition for mobile devices, and a new Tales From The Borderlands.


GTA V sold even better, 165 million copies sold

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