Grab for Free: Age of Wonders III

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You can download a free copy of Age of Wonders III, the turn-based strategy game from 2014. This entry to the classic strategy series from 20 years ago has players building an empire in a fantasy setting. Players will be exploring the world while expanding their borders by colonizing, making allies, and defeating rivals, as usual for a 4X title.

The game has a story campaign, 8-player online multiplayer wars, as well as cooperative scenarios that pit players against AI opponents. None of the game's expansions are included in this giveaway, so they will have to be purchased separately by those who are interested. Age of Wonders III is now available to claim for free via the Humble Store until May 11 at 10am PT. However, Humble only has a limited amount of keys allocated for this giveaway, so it's a good idea to grab a copy early. 

Grab Age of Wonders III.

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